The year is 2030. We are on a Benetti super yacht off the Amalfi Coast, sailing to Capri. The sun sets over the horizon — it's golden hour, baby.

Over the sound of waves and seaguls, a voice rings out. It’s Regional Manager Steve, arms outstretched with a flute of Prosecco. A toast: “Who would have thought we’d make it here? The meme became reality, and we’re all owners now...capi di tutti i capi...”

You meet eyes. “Saluti to you all, and GM — grazie mille."

When you're here, you're family.

How to Earn
For NFT Holders
10,000 bstick*
Franchise Royalties
10,000 bstick*

Claim once per week per non-funglible Olive Garden NFT you own

1,000 bstick*
Breadstick Royalties
1,000 bstick*

Claim once per week per non-funglible breadstick NFT you own

2,500 bstick*
Bruscetta Royalties
2,500 bstick*

Claim once per week per non-funglible burnt breadstick NFT you own

For Everyone
10,000 bstick*
Proof of Pasta
10,000 bstick*

Share a photo of yourself eating at any Olive Garden restaurant.

5,000 bstick*
Molto Bene!
5,000 bstick*

Leave a 5-star review on Yelp or Google for any Olive Garden restaurant.

* While supplies last, see details below

Token Supply
For the Community — 80%
Community Rewards

Claimable via the steps detailed above

LP Rewards

Rewards for Uniswap liquidity providers

LP Starter Fund

Bootstrapping initial Uniswap liquidity

Initial Token Airdrop

Airdropped to NFOG NFT holders

For the Future — 20%
Charity Donation

For donation to a food-related charity

Marketing Expenses

To promote the project

Team Compensation

To compensate the founding team

What is the bstick contract address?
How do i get bstick?

$BSTICK is on Polygon, so all transactions happen there. After connecting your wallet to Polygon you can swap $ETH for $BSTICK on Uniswap. Alternatively, you can complete the weekly challenges described above in How to Earn.

How do i see bstick in my wallet?

Using Rainbow? Simply unhide the $BSTICK token as described here.

Using Metamask? Follow this guide to connect your wallet to Polygon, then add $BSTICK (0x8e915a77e301ad12ad1f62012734cf7557eee81a) as a custom token as described here.

How are rewards calculated?

Each week, a specific number of tokens are allocated to each type of reward. This total is then divided among all the valid claims made during that week, up to a maximum amount:

  • 2M for Franchise Royalties / Max 10k BSTICK per claim
  • 1M for Breadstick Royalties / Max 1k BSTICK per claim
  • 2M for Proof of Pasta / Max $19.99 USD per claim
  • 1M for "Molto Bene!" / Max $19.99 USD per claim

This system has been designed to ensure rewards remain sustainable into the future.

Who is behind this?

We are a passionate group of franchisoors looking to add fungible value to NFOGs. We are definitely not associated with any Darden brand — this project is a parody.

How can i help?

Unfortunately we are not accepting venture capital at this time. However, if you’d like to join the community please find us on Discord or Twitter.